Maddy character sheet

maddy A character sheet of Maddy from Under New Management. Maddy is no angel. Well no, no that’s not even a little true. She’s a second generation angel working hard on her medical residency, adopting the worst possible pets—one eyed scarred cats, poisonous snakes, gimpy lizards—and missing the friends and social life she had in undergrad. Maddy and Neil were partners in biology lab. Maddy: “Look at all the teeny veins on its teeny heart!” Neil: “Uh, no, no thanks, I’m good. Why don’t I do the note-taking part?” Art by Amanda Williams.

Neil character sheet

liam A character sheet of Neil from Under New Management. Neil graduated from school with a degree in hospitality management, but with things as they are, he’s back living at home; a dark tower complete with minions, a nearby volcano and a swamp of zombies. Lecture from Neil’s Dad: “You know, son, one day when you’re making an example of an underling—” Neil: “Oh God, Dad, stop, I told you I’m not going to—” Dad: “These are just important things for everyone to know!” Art by Amanda Williams.