In Defense of Good Characters

Ruth and I are always talking about stories, our own and other people’s–what we like, what bothers us, what could be done better, what we wish we saw more often. I thought I’d transform some of these conversations into blog posts, to get them clear in my own mind and to share them too. The first thing I’ve chosen to do is be a bit of an apologist for the good characters in stories. (more…)


tiiro by ruth lampiTiiro, a character in Orphaned Gods.
“You don’t have to study every waking hour, though,” Tiiro said. “There’s other things in life.”
“What would you know about waking hours?” Aturi said.
Tiiro chuckled. “You got me there.” He reached over and swirled the dregs in Aturi’s cup. “I know, let’s go out to the Diving Swan. You need more of that poison if you’re going to stay up all night again. And I wouldn’t mind a nice relaxing cup of tea.”
“All you’ll do is nap in the cushions,” Aturi complained. “You might as well sleep here.”
“But I like the fresh air. And you can bring your book.” Tiiro lifted the stylus from Aturi’s fingers. “Come on, let’s go.”
Art by Ruth Lampi, writing by Jessica Van Oort.