Underwater Finale

Underwater Finale by Ruth Lampi It's the last day (June 24) to support Ruth's Kickstarter! This is the final interior illustration for The Tembelaka Voyage, and is actually a bit of a spoiler. This and four other watercolor paintings are available as rewards to Kickstarter backers. You can also get commissions, and of course this book and the other Blackfeather Chronicles novels.

The Wave

[caption id="attachment_238" align="alignright" width="608"]The Wave by Ruth Lampi The Wave by Ruth Lampi[/caption] One of the interior illustrations for The Tembelaka Voyage, the third book in The Blackfeather Chronicles by Ruth Lampi. If you haven't checked out the Kickstarter yet, you can still donate (until June 24) and get a copy of this book once it's printed, and the previous two as well if you need to catch up.


oba by ruth lampiOba, one of the characters from Orphaned Gods.
The great Wei La was audible down on stage, arguing with the orchestra leader about some timing in the score, so Oba dove into her room first. The diva wouldn’t miss a few snacks she probably wouldn’t even eat. Oba helped herself to an application of blush from the makeup table, a rose dumpling, and a quick glass of wine. She sang a few bars of Wei’s aria from the second act, and winced at the high bits. She tried on a scarf from the gifts pile and decided it suited her coloring far better than Wei’s. She’d just stacked her coat, hat, scarf, sweets box, and a few delicious tidbits into a manageable parcel when in walked one of the props lads.
“What are you doing here, with Wei downstairs?” the lad demanded. “Who are you?”
“I’m the one trying to tidy up,” Oba gestured at her pile of things, “and I’m the one who runs off young scamps here trying to nick my lady’s underthings. No more silks are going missing on my watch. Out, you. Out!”
“It weren’t ever me!” the boy yelped.
Written by Jessica Van Oort, illustrated by Ruth Lampi.


aturi by ruth lampiAturi is a main character from Orphaned Gods.
On the way toward the door, Aturi knelt for a quick prayer at his little folding shrine. The tiny carved figure of Raven, who presided over secrets and memory—as well as death—currently stood in the place of honor beside the incense-holder. Aturi lit a new cone of incense and pressed both palms to his heart. “Raven who sees things hidden,” he muttered under his breath, “turn your blind eye favorably to your people. And help me remember my equations, please.”
Written by Jessica Van Oort, and art by Ruth Lampi.