Shattered Spire updates

This visual novel (an illustrated choose-your-own-adventure video game) is written by Jessica Van Oort and Ruth Lampi, coded by Ryan Gately, with art by Ruth Lampi. You play a character who wakes up, memoryless, after a spacecraft crash on an alien planet. You must piece together what happened in the past, who you were and are, and how you will interact with the other survivors. Multiple possible endings await, depending on the choices you make and who you make an enemy of or befriend.

It’ll be suitable for ages 13 and up. Playtime is as yet undetermined.

The coding for Shattered Spire is nearly complete, the writing is over halfway complete, and the art is in progress. We had a demo version of the first two scenes with beta art playable at GenCon 2016.

(Last updated August 24, 2016)

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