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  • Blackfeather Blend TeaBlackfeather Blend Tea
    One of the more unusual Kickstarter rewards Ruth offered for backing The Tembelaka Voyage- book 3 in the Blackfeather Chronicles- was tea ...
  • Morga character sheetMorga character sheet
    Character sheet for one of the main characters in The Genesis Sword. Art by S.A. Hannon....
  • Sons and Houses cover sketch by S.A. HannonSons and Houses cover
    Here’s a quick-and-dirty preliminary sketch of the cover for book four of Orphaned Gods. This one gets a cover concept before the ...
  • Concerning Plot Twists
    A plot twist in your story can be the moment when your readers gasp in mingled horror and delight and can’t stop reading. Or it could ...
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The Five Wits Press is a creative collaboration of artists and writers exploring multiple mediums, including novels, illustration, comics, visual novels, board games, tabletop RPGs, music, card games, and serialized YA adventure fiction.
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In Madrahar, the spirit world and the mortal world intertwine. Reincarnating demigods and schools of magery live side by side. The heroes of a world reborn from ruin must choose to either repent of or repeat the mistakes of the past.


These stories follow the nation of Shandor through its colonial and industrial eras. Unlikely heroes chosen by a living land investigate the supernatural, reconcile cultural divides, and discover their own gifts.

Under New Management

A webcomic about angels, demons, and hospitality management. Moving back home after college is always a drag, but what if you had to pay back your student loans and keep the minions of the Dark Tower in line?


Barathrum, one of the many worlds of the Legendarium high fantasy setting, is on the cusp of ruin. A misfit ensemble adventures on airships and ghost trains, encounters gods and magitech, and forges bonds of love, loyalty, and hope that transcend time.

book one of The Blackfeather Chronicles available in ebook or paperback
book two of The Blackfeather Chronicles available in ebook or paperback
book three of The Blackfeather Chronicles available in ebook or paperback

Ruth Lampi

writer, illustrator, sculptor

Creator of The Blackfeather Chronicles, muse of Orphaned Gods, artist of Shattered Spire, writer of Under New Management.

Jessica Van Oort

writer, editor

Author of Orphaned Gods, writer of Shattered Spire, and editor of The Blackfeather Chronicles.

S.A. 'Birdy' Hannon

illustrator, comicker, writer

Creator of The Genesis Sword, contributor to Orphaned Gods.

Amanda Williams

illustrator, comicker, nightmare creature

Artist of Under New Management.

Ryan Gately


Programmer of Shattered Spire.

Friends, relations, and people who've done lovely art for us on commission. Please go check their art and stories out!

Rachel Roach

illustrator, sculptor

    Kristin Kemper

    illustrator, animator

      Elayna Mae Darcy

      writer, photographer

        J.R. Blackwell

        photographer, writer, game creator

          Very Us Artists

          writers, musicians, illustrators