We at the Five Wits Press are a found family of collaborative storytellers and artists. The family you’re born with can be great, but it’s the travelers you meet, get stuck with, fall in love with, and adventure with who make the best unexpected communities.

The Five Wits Press began in 2011 with the publication of the adventure/fantasy novel The Alarna Affair, and since then we’ve run successful Kickstarters for its two sequels, launched a high fantasy webcomic, and published an RPG about super-powered anime high schoolers called Super Destiny High School Rumble!!

We’re a tiny press but we’re open to collaborations with the like-minded and like-hearted. We do most of our writing in-house but we have hired people for illustration, layout, and copyediting. If you’re a freelancer in those areas and want to work for us, email Jessica (editor at thefivewitspress dot com) with samples of what you do. We also eagerly seek beta readers and playtesters, and are happy to hear from other micro presses and creative types who may want to cross promote!

Ruth Lampi is a writer and an artist in multiple mediums. Besides illustrating her own and other’s stories, she also creates sculptures, pottery, linoleum block prints, and little mixed-media fairy creatures. She’s recently started mixing nerdy tea blends! Ruth always has a new project in mind, and can be counted on to popcorn out endless ideas in brainstorming sessions. Her current projects are creating the RPG Super Destiny High School Rumble!! and writing and illustrating the middle grade fantasy adventure series The Blackfeather Chronicles, of which the first three books are currently available, both as ebooks (Book 1Book 2, and Book 3) and as paperbacks.

A few of Ruth’s past credits include: 

Jessica Van Oort is a writer and editor, and the social media coordinator for the Press. Besides writing SF and producing work for the gaming industry, she also has academic writing and editing credentials. Jessica has a lot of experience as a DM/GM for tabletop roleplaying, and she loves the interactive storytelling involved in running games. She’s the one who keeps the other members of the press on target and on deadline. She also does the taxes. Her current projects are writing the RPG Super Destiny High School Rumble!! and writing the Orphaned Gods epic fantasy series, of which the first book, Beasts and Hunters, is in the beta reader stage.

A few of Jessica’s past credits include:


S.A. Hannon, or Birdy, is an artist who cares a lot about telling stories, building worlds, designing creatures, creating mythologies, and making OCs kiss. Birdy’s hobbies are crying about stories, crying about birds, and interneting. Forever. She is the one who always has her sketchbook out to jot down ideas and make drawings of interesting things she sees, both in the real world and her many created ones. Birdy’s handwriting, and her initial thumbnail sketches, are incredibly tiny. You wouldn’t believe how tiny. Birdy’s major projects are creating the RPG Super Destiny High School Rumble!! and writing and drawing the high fantasy webcomic The Genesis Sword.


We all live together in a house with three cats named Wheatley, Navi, and Midna.