Editing Beasts and Hunters

Jessica is continuing work on revisions to Orphaned Gods Book 1, Beasts and Hunters. The first draft of this book is pretty old--won’t say how many years--so the characterization is off in lots of places, and some things about the world and the magic system have changed since the early days. Chapters 1-7 in particular needed complete reworking of many scenes, deletion of others, and some new additions. She’s working on chapter 12 right now, and the chapters in the second half of the book aren’t needing such extensive changes. Here’s a snippet from chapter 4.

A clatter at the door of the coffeeshop announced the entrance of someone in a hurry. Aturi turned just as Ubashi called out, "Ready to go, lads? We don't have a moment to spare."

"You're alive," Aturi said, with relief. And uninjured, seemingly. "Did you find—?"

Ubashi cut him off, sweeping into their little alcove. "I've booked us passage on a fast ship. We leave with the tide, which is—"

"Just past noon," Livalii said. She always knew about tides, and boats, and things like that. "Which leaves everyone sufficient time to explain themselves." She gave Ubashi a dubious glance, then looked across the table at Tiiro. "I take it this is the crazy old Han Khiru mage?"

Ubashi seemed to notice Livalii for the first time. "Well, hello there." For a man who didn't have a moment to spare, he spent several long moments looking Livalii up and down. "Do I smell the warm air of the islands? I wasn't expecting to meet a Fanaloan flower so far from its native shore."

Tiiro rolled his eyes. "I'm Fanaloan, too." He introduced them with a vague wave.

"Livalii, this is Mage Ubashi. Ubashi, Livalii."chapter four of Beasts and Hunters illustration by S.A. Hannon

"Literally named after a flower." Ubashi clasped his hands together. "How charming! I haven't visited Fanaloa this lifetime, but I do recall the highlights. Laholo, my dear."

"It's Lahora." Tiiro sighed. "And pretty much everything in Fanaloa is named after a flower or a fish."

The Alarna Affair on Wattpad

The first book of Ruth Lampi's Blackfeather Chronicles, The Alarna Affair, is now posting on Wattpad! New chapters are going up weekly. Of course you can also read this fantasy adventure story right here on The Five Wits Press's website, but if Wattpad is your reading platform of choice, head on over there and check it out. And if you like it, don't forget to vote.

The Genesis Sword updates

The Genesis Sword is a manga-style high fantasy webcomic, set in the Legendarium setting, created by S.A. Hannon. Inspired by RPGs- both western and eastern, video game and tabletop- the story explores heroism and sacrifice, the bonds of family, hope versus despair, and the effects of time.

The comic updates on Thursdays, and can be read on the Press or on its own site. It is suitable for ages 15 and up, and will be 24 chapters long.

(Last updated April 22, 2017)

Orphaned Gods updates

temporary coverThe Orphaned Gods epic fantasy novel series is written by Jessica Van Oort, with contributions by Ruth Lampi.

Once there were twelve animakhe, the reincarnating avatars of the Ancestors, eternally reborn in the mortal world to bring wisdom, courage, justice, and compassion. But centuries ago Dragon and Naga, the mother and father of all, were lost and the remaining ten animakhe split between two warring nations. Now, when demons once again walk the world and humans are forsaking the spirits, this handful of orphaned gods must find a way to save their people and themselves.

The first book in the series, Beasts and Hunters, is completely first drafted and Jessica is working on the second draft, which will be sent to beta readers when finished. After feedback from those readers and a final copy-editing draft, Beasts and Hunters will be ready for publication.

The second book, Seals and Cages, and the third book, Rivals and Relations, are fully first drafted. Jessica worked on drafting the fourth book, Sons and Houses, during NaNoWriMo 2016 and is currently continuing with that first draft. The series will have a projected six books.

In addition to paperback and ebook publications, we'd like to publish the books in light novel style: the same story, but divided into smaller bundles of chapters with illustrations by S.A. Hannon. All versions will be suitable for ages 15 and up.

We're currently posting short stories by Jessica with art by Ruth of viewpoint characters from Orphaned Gods, set before the main books. We're also looking for beta readers- you can find out more here! (Last updated July 28, 2017)

NaNoWriMo Update

Sons and Houses cover sketch by S.A. HannonJust an update on Jessica's NaNoWriMo--she's a winner! In November she wrote just over 50,000 words of Sons and Houses, the fourth book in the Orphaned Gods series. That's less than half of the book done, so she's going to keep plugging away at it, though at a somewhat diminished pace. She also plans to keep editing Beasts and Hunters, the first book of the series, which got put on hold during November. Also keep your eyes open for some short stories about the characters in Orphaned Gods, from before the events of the main plotline. We'll be releasing those here as Beasts and Hunters gets closer to its release date. Art by S.A. Hannon.

Blackfeather Blend Tea

Blackfeather Blend TeaOne of the more unusual Kickstarter rewards Ruth offered for backing The Tembelaka Voyage- book 3 in the Blackfeather Chronicles- was tea she made herself! If you missed the Kickstarter, or even if you didn't but are now out of tea, the Blackfeather Blend is back, and available to everyone! Check out the tea inspired by the Blackfeather books, as well as a whole library of teas invented and mixed by Ruth Lampi, over at The Five Wits .net!