Nedira short story


Khiratu Nedira City of Zarachar, Naidjat, Year 1048 Post Downfall Nedira picked her way through the gardens in full court robes, stepping carefully over a curving bank of ferns and some low-growing roses. She hitched her train up over her shoulder to keep it from getting stuck on the thorns. Normally her woman navigated her train through awkward spots, but one didn’t bring company on unauthorized escapades. Nedira glanced over her shoulder—no one was following her, or watching out any of the house’s many windows—and pressed on past the topiaries of courting cranes, toward the men’s wing.

She had talked to her brother through his window plenty of times before. Even though she didn’t think herself especially stealthy, no one had yet caught her. Or perhaps they had, and were too polite to mention it.

This is the first of five short stories by Jessica, set in the world of Madrahar before the events of the Orphaned Gods series. Illustration by Ruth and Birdy! The whole story is available for patrons over on our Patreon.

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We're proud to announce something that's been in the works for a while. We're now on Patreon! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a way to support creators and their art, and get exclusive content and other cool stuff based on how much you pledge each month. We'll still be posting updates, art and writing here on our Five Wits Press website, and you can always come here to buy our books and read snippets of our work, but some of our content is going to be moving over to the Patreon page. If you become a patron you can get art created by both Ruth and Birdy, editing done by Jessica, or even a special tea blended just for you! All of us are excited for this new opportunity to share our worlds with you in a more collaborative way. We have a lot of new projects planned over the upcoming months, and we'll be previewing them on the Patreon page as they come ready. So, long story short, check out our Patreon!

Phoenix three ways

We challenged ourselves to each draw a phoenix/firebird, and they all came out excitingly different from each other. From left to right, these were created by Amanda Williams (digital), Ruth Lampi (linocut block print), and S.A. Hannon (watercolor pencil). Click on the images to make them bigger! For a video of how Ruth pulled the print of her phoenix, check out our Facebook or Instagram! [gallery link="file" ids="600,601,599"]