Consortium Service Academy

consortium service academy

Take the Service Academy exams!
Have you always dreamed of leaving the dirt behind and working among the stars?

The Consortium Service Academy is your path to cutting-edge jobs in space exploration.

The new Spire program needs recruits in all areas of specialization.
Command crew: Authorized Captains have already been assigned to all available Spires, but positions for junior officers remain open. Clean gene-scans preferred.
Engineering: Lead and support positions available. Must be certified in fusion engines, six-space interface, and artificial intelligence.
Hydroponics technician: Also responsible for maintenance of seed and embryo banks.
Cryogenics technician: Psychological screening required for these positions, as all cryogenics technicians will be awake for the duration of the Spire’s mission.
Surgical officers and technicians: Appropriate medical implants and up-to-date certifications required.
Dedication inspector: B-level security clearance and impeccable service record required. Clean gene-scans preferred.
Due to new advancements in neurological grafting, we are not recruiting Spire pilots at this time.

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