SDHSR design: Time to playtest!

Just a short design blog this time to say that we’ve started the first playtest for Super Destiny High School Rumble! We have a Discord game going in a different system, and we’re going to playtest this new game on alternate weeks.

Our four students are an Elite Otherwordly Royalty, a Transfer Apprentice Reaper, a Mentor Creature Summoner, and a Delinquent Alchemical Witch. They all happened to decide to be boys, so the setting is going to be an elite boarding school for boys, with a sister academy for girls on the next hill over. Good times!

We’re going to run these students at least through a couple level-ups to see how leveling and the Limit Break system work, and if any moves are excessively under or over-powered. So there probably won’t be any new design news for a little while as we test things out.

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