SDHSR design: More Art and Playtesting

Look at all this good good art! Here are the Hero and the Delinquent, in their student roles. We’ll be debuting pictures of their Destiny versions soon.

We’ve done five different playtests so far, and gotten some very good feedback. We tweaked bonds a bit more and made updates to the Adorable, the Prodigy, the Reincarnated Soul, the Creature Summoner, and the Alchemical Witch based on seeing them in action. Thank you so much to our friends in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Vermont, and New Hampshire who’ve hosted us or come over to our place and gotten involved with this game! We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help.

Next: more art, Kickstarter prep and promotional materials, and a deep dive into writing more sections of the RPG book. We’re still aiming for the Kickstarter to launch at/around Katsucon, and are hitting our deadlines in order to make that happen.

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